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The laws of nature are but the mathematical thoughts of God.

Euclid, widely considered the father of Geometry, saw shapes in nature that were exquisitely divine and could also be described in mathematical terms. Nature has a code and prefers patterns and models from spiral galaxies to sea shells. We can observe the same architecture at work in many systems, both organic and manufactured.

As a professional web application developer, I can’t help but see the same patterns in computer code. Humans created technology and we are bound to the laws of nature, just as the prosobranchia sea snail is bound to create a shell of perfect golden spirals.

My web site features software development concepts and techniques that highlight a similarity between source code and natures code.

Code Shoots are brief descriptions of software design patterns and coding techniques. Each topic includes a working example of the concept and code snips demonstrating the most relevant code structure and syntax.

It’s likely you happened here by chance…and that's a kind of pattern too. Since you're here take a moment and allow me to poke your grey matter, you too may start to see natures code everywhere.

Prosobranchia Sea Snail Shell